A girl!Dean story where, not long before Sam leaves for Stanford, she fucks him to get pregnant. Sam leaves, not knowing, and she has to deal with John's disgust that she would be so stupid-sloppy as to get pregnant (he doesn't know it's Sam's) and how that led to her hunting more solo (was she alone when the baby was born?), struggling and raising the baby by herself.

How does she run into Sam again?
Okay, so I think I've figured out the opening and how to get Sam and Dean separated.

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Must. Think. Of. Title. Kind of liking "Golden Apples and Broken Boughs" but that's kind of long and weird.

Also, for those of us who are double dipping at other sites, I've mirrored this journal at insanejournal as dogsofwar.
So my love of threesomes is well documented. And my love of Sam/Jess/Dean is equally documented. But a lot of Sam/Jess/Dean is just like Mona's Transmutation. So.

I was thinking about 'how can I do Sam/Jess/Dean and make it DIFFERENT?' )
Snip of the Lightverse. Don't know where it goes yet. Dean freaks out.

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Ugh. I hate the post-partum part of finishing a really long story. I never know what the fuck to do with myself until Kink gets back from his vacation. Which, okay, he DID put out and is entitled to his time off, but what about MEE? So anyway, what ends up happening is my brain flits around and plays with lots of little things until something sticks. This is a pice of Penumbra, which is the sequel to Halo. Sam/Dean/Sufiya (OFC). So rough.

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Rough CHRONOLOGICAL Outline for Asylum fic:

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Still need title.
Supernatural. An AU universe where John was killed by the demon, rather than Mary. Mary has a rather mysterious (magical?) family and feels they might be responsible. She goes Sarah Connor with the boys.

By the time the phone rings, the prayers have been said and John laid to rest, it's been almost exactly fifteen years since Mary's spoken to any member of her family.

A scene from when they're courting; John takes Mary out and shows her how to shoot, saying she should know how to defend herself. She hates it. But after he dies, she's grateful.

Dean. Much more withdrawn. Less cocky (bravado), more silent. He's Mary's enforcer.

Sam. Sam would totally still leave, tired of being hauled around on Mary's crackpot adventure of revenge. What would bring him back?

What about Mary's family? Why does she think her mother had anything to do with John's death? Is it personal, or is it something carried down the bloodline like a curse?



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