Another silly, indulgent AKB thing that's too (relatively) spoilery to post elsewhere. Still, it pleases me. Don't mind the title, I was feeling silly. *facepalms* This is all [ profile] nilchance's fault.

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So. I wrote this because it was in my head and I wanted to and it was going to make [ profile] beanside and [ profile] nilchance (hopefully) happy. But I can't post it over on [ profile] poisontaster because it's either spoilery or AU, depending on how you look at it. But I figure this LJ's fair game, right? Riiight. :)

So. AKB universe. Jeremy Sisto/Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Smutty. An spoilery or AU, depending on how you look at it. *coughs*

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Okay, so. For any of you that might have this journal friended, I need some advice. This is AKB related, but you don't have to be reading AKB for you to help me out. What I am looking for is actresses (or otherwise famous personality) that are between...say, 22 and 32 years old. However, she also needs to have a reputation for being classy, mature, etc. Possibly a little conservative, even, if there is such a thing in an actress that age. The kind of girl an uptight, busy-body rich-bitch mother would approve of.

Level of fame is not a huge consideration; she could be very famous or not very famous--though if she's especially obscure, I'd appreciate a link.

Any thoughts?
This is a very old partial. It's supposed to be part of Blood in the Water; I'm just reposting it here...well, because. Sam/Connor.

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Mar 1, 1978 born

1985 (7) Cruise

1992 (14) Kilmer

(early) 1994 (15.5) Hutton

1996 (18) Cox

1998 (20) Arquette

1998 (20) Tarantino

1999 (21) Affleck

2000 (22) Damon

2003 (25) DiCaprio

2003 (25) Crowe

2006 (28) Crudup

2008 (30) Morgan
A girl!Dean story where, not long before Sam leaves for Stanford, she fucks him to get pregnant. Sam leaves, not knowing, and she has to deal with John's disgust that she would be so stupid-sloppy as to get pregnant (he doesn't know it's Sam's) and how that led to her hunting more solo (was she alone when the baby was born?), struggling and raising the baby by herself.

How does she run into Sam again?


Oct. 31st, 2008 03:18 pm
So, as I am going to be working on original fiction this NaNo, and there are Issues with posting original fiction that you plan to publish, I've been thinking that anything I post about my NaNo will be over here under a tight, SMALL flock.


If you would like to be on that flock, please let me know ASAP. If you're volunteering to be on the flock, please make sure that you're going to actually comment. I don't normally mind lurkers, but this is very goal-oriented this time around and I really need both the encouragement and the concrit--both of which are welcome and requested, btw. So I'm afraid this time around, I have to be all "Participation Only!"

ETA: Clarification. I don't necessarily need people to comment EVERY DAY (though that would definitely be appreciated) so much as a commitment to comment/crit "regularly" in the course of the month. /ETA

Please don't feel like you need to volunteer. I hope you all know that my friendship is not dependent on how often you comment, or if you even READ my fic.

The story (as planned at this moment, and subject to change) is a post-apocalyptic m/m werewolf story. Isaak (not sure about this name) is a relatively young werewolf on the run and Gabriel (pretty sure this name will stick) is the older lone (were)wolf that crosses his path. I don't have a working title yet, but I need to come up with one because "my NaNo werewolf story" has no kind of ring to it at all. *g*

I'm going to be setting up my filter tonight, but you can opt in later, if you decide you want to. Sorry for the short notice.
After doing the picspam today, I really kind of want to write a chapter (that would obviously come further down the timeline) where Read more... )
A timeline of ownership:

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Here is your Official Announcment:

*cue fanfare*


This concludes your PSA.

Also, The Roommate (heretofore known as The Fiance) requests that you do not *ahem* "bother him with questions or stuff" about this. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Random ideas that I got by reading fic and may never write:

1. (inspired by [ profile] embroiderama) Jared is all fucked up after breaking up with Sandy and Jeff ends up being his father confessor booty call one night and so they end up having this one night thing (or possibly a friends with benefits situation). In the meantime, Jeff has been pining/lusting after Jensen all this time and has done nothing about it. And Jensen finds out about Jeff shagging Jared and he's all put out because HE'S been lusting/pining after Jeff all this time except now he figures Jeff is "taken" because Jared got there first and there's boys being stupid and pissy and jealous and trying desperately to pretend they're none of those things until Jared's like "DUDES. You're stupid for each other! GET OVER IT AND FUCK ALREADY." And then there's happy buttsexing. Possibly with a side of Jared/Chad, wtf?

2. (inspired by [ profile] tabbyshh) This one could become original fic REALLY easy. Jeff is a wealthy successful businessman and Jensen is his kept boy-toy. They've been together since Jensen was fairly young and Jeff is Jensen's first (or practically). Jensen didn't mean to be a boytoy, but somehow his life plans kept getting postponed or pushed aside (mostly by him, himself) in the interests of staying with Jeff and not making things difficult and being available whenever Jeff might want him around. But now it's been 12 years and Jensen's self esteem is crrap and his whole self-identity is hinged on his relationship with Jeff and he realizes he really needs to get himself together and have his own life. But he doesn't want to leave Jeff and so he struggles to both find himself and keep his relationship together.

3. (inspired by no one in particular) If the Jared/Chad doesn't end up going in that first fic, I could end up writing that all by itself. Again, WTF? No actual plot to speak of, just one scene in my head about Jared trying to come out to Chad while playing old school Mario Kart and Chad not being a total asshole about it.
Notes on the blended backstory for Jeff:

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if I'm positing that Jack is actually going to school somewhere that's not on the East Coast, then this needs to happen IMMEDIATELY after Save As. Anyway.

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Mary Whatserface Winstead, the girl who played Lucy was born in 1984. This makes her 23(ish) at the time of the movie and 24(ish) now. If she's still in school, that means she's going for some kind of post-grad.

The first movie took place in 1988. That would make Lucy around 3 or 4 at the time, which fits with the appearance of the actress that played her in the original. And, IIRC, Lucy is the older child. I need to check the parts at Holly's LA house. So. Since John is a good Irish boy, let's presume that he wouldn't let Lucy be born out of wedlock. That means Holly and John were married at least 5(ish) years before DH1.

By DH3, they're "separated" again. That's 1998, seven years later. So they were married, in toto, somewhere around 12-13 years. Ish. And if they divorced in '98 (because I really don't see Holly waiting a long time at that point). That means they've been divorced about 12 years at the point of Save As.

Need to confirm one way or the other if John (Bruce) is actually left handed. I think he is. WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE IMPORTANT SHIT LIKE THIS ON IMDB? DON'T THEY KNOW I'M TRYING TO WRITE??

The thing about John, the thing that makes him really good at being 'the action hero' is that he is UNABLE to quit. He has a pathological inability to just walk away, even when he can or it might be in his best interests to do so. This is the one thing he also has going for him in relationships. He freaks out, he argues, he jumps to conclusions, but he doesn't QUIT.

DA Bunny

May. 13th, 2008 11:24 am
Damn Deana to hell...

Ben. Hookerfic.

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Okay, so I'm really struggling with where to go with Save As and how to frame everything that I want to say. And whose POV it should be said in. Right now, I'm still guestimating this will end up being 20,000 words, at minimum.

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Rewrite of the ending of Riding the Tiger (The Jeff Arc):

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And THIS is my first pass at Jeff and Jensen meeting Sandy the morning AFTER the fuselage. Again rough, patchy... And if anyone has a better suggestion for the name of Jensen's movie, I am TOTALLY OPEN TO SUGGESTION!

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