Things to get done by the end of the year:

1) Arc One, my Gaeta/Dualla WIP.

2) Sanguine, my novel for NaNoWriMo (November).

3) Copy edits for Storm Moon in December. I want to get it out the door by January.

4) My BSG Ficathon assignment. Due Nov. 30. Already started.

Character and/or pairing: Dualla/Gaius, Dualla/Gaius/Six
Request (scenario for character or pairing): Gaius, ever the womaniser, knows that romancing Dee
will require a different approach than, say, seducing Six or Starbuck. Unfortunately Six, in his
head, commenting on every step he takes doesn't help much. Dee, on the other hand, will gain some
insights into the crazy doctor's mind. (We know from her conversation with Adama in 'Home' that she
has a good grip on people and situations.)
Spoilers to: Everything
3 things you want in your fic: humour/sarcasm, sexiness, candy
3 things you don't want: Billy, babies, AU/out-of-character-ness

5) BSG Secondary Characters Ficathon. Due Jan. 7. Not started.

Character: Tyrol
Wanted: Deck gang camaraderie, snarking at the pilots
Not Wanted: No onscreen Sharon, no violence

6) The meta. Dude, it's gone on long enough.

Other stuff I need/want to get done:

1) Tentative (and really awful) title of Twixt & Tween. Firefly WIP that deals with Mal & Zoe pre-series, post-War of Unification.

2) Untitled post-Serenity WIP that includes "This Never Happened", "Tears By Proxy", and "No One's But My Own".

3) Gutterstars.

4) Wolf Moon, the sequel to Storm Moon.

5) "Bait", my Shane/Mir WIP.

6) "Mirrors", my Jen WIP.



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