The affair is continuing. They don't talk about it. They pretend to still dislike each other, or at least indifference. Mags knows she needs to stop, that it won't go anywhere good, but she can't quit. She makes up her mind that it's over, but every time he touches her, her resolve wavers. Karl knows that he should leave Maggie alone, that he can't give her what she wants or needs and that he's just stringing her along, but he's hurt and lonely enough that he can't make himself stop. Sharon still doesn't want to see him and he's feeling distant from the rest of the crew anyway.

Sharon's baby is the crux; when she goes into labor, she wants Helo to be there and it brings him back to her side. When the baby "dies", Sharon descends into depression and Helo CAN'T leave her. Maggie isn't particularly understanding about it (and who can blame her?). They resolve to go their separate ways with a generous helping of residual UST.
What would happen if the Cylon consciousness download went awry?
Should I introduce Baltar as a POV character?

Is he going to become important enough to merit more than one POV in the whole work?
Is it too late to introduce a new POV? The fic has pretty much run between Gaeta & Dee's POV.
Do I want to add his POV just as a cop-out, to express ideas I can't get to through Gaeta's POV?
Yes and no.

Shelley imprinted Felix with something like a post-hypnotic suggestion, but one that's "active" rather than passive; one that DOES have actual mind to mind contact. This is the same as how Six talks to Baltar. How? No one knows. *hand waves the science* The question is how do I get to this information WITHOUT introducing Baltar as a POV character?

Secondarily, how does one BREAK the connection?

It's going to be extremely important that no one finds out that this happened to Felix, because even if they could guarantee that the link's really broken (and they can't), tactically it would be too expensive to leave him in any position of trust or power. He would HAVE to be removed from duty, and that would kill him. The job is all he has. (Dee thinks about this, and a part of her thinks that at least it would solve the problem of their fraternization, and then she feels bad for having such a selfish thought.)

Felix gets injured in the Pegasus's attack on Galactica. He's going to be under some heavy drugs; this is how Dee finds out what's happening to him.

Not sure when or how to work this in the Arc, but the Cylons are not cohesive. Within the larger destroy-all-humans movement is a secondary we-have-to-get-along-with-humanity movement. Six represents the get-alongs. Shelley Godfrey represents the DAH.

It would be nice to give Dee more to worry about than her attachment to Felix; I feel like I'm marginalizing her. Of course, at a certain point, she carries the action because of it, trying to save Felix & his career.

I think I need Baltar. It would make a second mirror of Lovers; Baltar & Six. Baltar helps Dee discover a way to break the post-hypnotic suggestion Shelley implanted. Six comments that she supposes now that he knows how to do it, he'll excise her. Baltar tells her he has no intention of doing any such thing. Awwww....



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