Another silly, indulgent AKB thing that's too (relatively) spoilery to post elsewhere. Still, it pleases me. Don't mind the title, I was feeling silly. *facepalms* This is all [ profile] nilchance's fault.

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So. I wrote this because it was in my head and I wanted to and it was going to make [ profile] beanside and [ profile] nilchance (hopefully) happy. But I can't post it over on [ profile] poisontaster because it's either spoilery or AU, depending on how you look at it. But I figure this LJ's fair game, right? Riiight. :)

So. AKB universe. Jeremy Sisto/Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Smutty. An spoilery or AU, depending on how you look at it. *coughs*

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Okay, so. For any of you that might have this journal friended, I need some advice. This is AKB related, but you don't have to be reading AKB for you to help me out. What I am looking for is actresses (or otherwise famous personality) that are between...say, 22 and 32 years old. However, she also needs to have a reputation for being classy, mature, etc. Possibly a little conservative, even, if there is such a thing in an actress that age. The kind of girl an uptight, busy-body rich-bitch mother would approve of.

Level of fame is not a huge consideration; she could be very famous or not very famous--though if she's especially obscure, I'd appreciate a link.

Any thoughts?
Mar 1, 1978 born

1985 (7) Cruise

1992 (14) Kilmer

(early) 1994 (15.5) Hutton

1996 (18) Cox

1998 (20) Arquette

1998 (20) Tarantino

1999 (21) Affleck

2000 (22) Damon

2003 (25) DiCaprio

2003 (25) Crowe

2006 (28) Crudup

2008 (30) Morgan
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