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Notes on the blended backstory for Jeff:

Let's say that Jeff has been overwhelmed by everything that's happened and losing track of nearly everyone he loves and cares about. Let's even say his mom died and he's been grieving. So he's been kind of shut down. I don't know if it's feasible for him to be based in Washington, given the difficulty of travel and the difficulty of getting reliable word that far away. So maybe he's in LA, maybe just somewhere in California? Not sure. But Justin or Katie or someone comes to him, as the face of the resistance and tries to recruit him to go in as a client. They have one person who will "vouch" for Jeff, but that person isn't willing to be the spy themself and risk their standing. Given the opportunity to make contact, at the least, Jeff agrees to go in as a recon, sound Jensen out, see if he's willing to help the resistance. But Jeff's not totally sold on the idea yet. It's just this one time thing to see what happens.

Well, then Jensen agrees and Jeff sees the kind of situation that they're (Jared, Jensen, Allie Mack, who Jensen introduced him to before, etc.) living in; the luxury of it versus the virtual slavery. And it starts poking him out of his funk, making him look at a closer look at what's going on in the world, outside of his own survival. He's not liking what he sees. Maybe he's even there the night the mob comes to La Hacienda. He starts imagining the whole world turning into La Hacienda and more and more, he gets on board with what the resistance is about.

By the end, they'd all have some bad feeling about the resistance, especially Jared and Jensen; in the end, the resistance failed to help them get out, Jared had to sell his child to do that. So Jared and Jensen are very bitter about it and they can't believe that Jeff is going to keep working for them. Jeff points out that while HIS mission was always them, the resistance isn't just about them. It's about all the other people starving and dying in the street and no, the resistance isn't perfect and it doesn't save everyone, but it's better than the alternative. So he's staying and he's going to keep working for them. And that plants the seed for Jared and Jensen LATER, while still pushing them on toward Texas NOW.

Date: 2008-06-24 05:37 pm (UTC)
brynwulf: darklydean (JDM)
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I'm not going to rewrite the backstory I already finished (since it was never meant to be published anyway), so let's just start writing from this premise. Which I love, BTW. :)



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