I'm having issues with the first scene and I thought it might be better to nail the flashback scenes and establish THIS Sam and Dean a little better in my mind anyway. I kind of like how cynical Sam is here; it's a little different than the Sam I usually write. It's the first thing I've written in a while that didn't feel like I was pushing it up a hill like Sisyphus, so I could use some major hand holding, if you should be so inclined. Well. As long as it's honest handholding. :p

Scene 2. Flashback. )
Another scene discard: Dean POV flashback.

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Revamped outline. Still one minor plot point to work out toward the end.

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I was having structural issues, so I sat down and wrote out a scene by scene outline. There were some holes that needed to be plugged so I ran it past Mary and Mona to see what they thought. Subsequently, I may overhaul the flashback structure so that all the flashbacks are from Sam's POV. It really doesn't require that big a change. A couple scenes will drop and just a POV swap on the others. I'm still working my way around it (omg, my deathless prose!) but I think Mona's right and it lends a good subtext that pays off in the climax. But to do that means cutting out one of my (potentially) favorite scenes that was Dean's POV.

Keeping the scene just for the sake of keeping the scene isn't a good reason not to do the retrench, so I'm archiving the outtake here.

Farewell Scene 11, you'll be missed... )
A first pass at one of Dean's bar encounters. Not sure if this will be the first one or later. Unfinished.

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Getting back into the habit of writing, I'm going to try and do at least one timed writing (15m) every day. This one's for Maygra's SC story. First pass at Sam's first scene here:

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I'm not sure how I feel about it, so opinions welcome.
Okay, so I think I've figured out the opening and how to get Sam and Dean separated.

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Must. Think. Of. Title. Kind of liking "Golden Apples and Broken Boughs" but that's kind of long and weird.

Also, for those of us who are double dipping at other sites, I've mirrored this journal at insanejournal as dogsofwar.
Initial thoughts and questions to be answered.

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So random things are starting to ping in the brain pan, like oil just starting to get hot. Which...usually means time to start documenting. So. Here we go.

From Maygra's original email. )

I'm thinking about tying this in with my earlier idea/want/premise about Sam and Dean sleeping with doppelgangers of each other pre-Stanford to sublimate something that neither of them was ready to deal with back then. So at the end, when they finally do...ahem...consummate, it would be their first time, which would have a ritual purpose of its own. I'm thinking that the flashbacks (if I go that route) would be interleaved with the current interaction....probably from Sam's POV; he's got lots of time to think and reflect while being tortured.



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