More about the post-apocalyptic hustler!Dean talk:

Great. I'm hustling for GOD. I feel so much better. )


Dec. 10th, 2006 12:35 am
From the Post-Apocalyptic Hustler!Dean fic that [ profile] nymeria and I are someday going to work on. Takes place after Sam has recovered just enough to decide it's time HE try his hand at hustling and Dean catches him. And goes ballistic:

I just want to not be a burden. )
So a while ago, [ profile] nymeria and I were discussing our love for post-apocalypse. And she ended up writing this. And then we talked about it SOME MORE (because it shattered me), and then there was suddenly an arc, because that's my FU. And I got volunteered to co-write.

So. This probably won't make a whole lot of sense, because I need to put up the stuff about the arc, but I wanted to store this here before it got lost in the land of chat:

[ profile] poisontaster: I'm having a STRONG yen to write pahd verse.
[ profile] nymeria: what in PAHD verse?
[ profile] poisontaster: Where Sam's all weak but on the mend and he goes out to whore himself and Dean catches him.
[ profile] nymeria: write it omfg
[ profile] nymeria: if you do not i will CRY
[ profile] poisontaster: And Dean SCARES Sam he's so intense with the "YOU WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO THIS."
[ profile] nymeria: oh, yes
and sam's still weak, and dean's been so gentle and quiet with him recently he's forgotten what dean ANGRY can be like
[ profile] poisontaster: Yes.
And Dean grabs him and drags Sam home like he's a little kid.
And Sam's stumbling and trying to keep up and trying not to cough because he doesn't want Dean to get any MORE PISSED.
[ profile] nymeria: with the whole town watching
[ profile] poisontaster: And they get back and Dean LOOKS at Sam
And Sam's shaking and white and sweating and about to faint and Dean just sort of FALLS APART
[ profile] nymeria: and he cups sam's face in his hands and tugs him down so they're forehead-to-forehead and just BREATHES DEEPLY with his eyes closed
[ profile] poisontaster: Yes!
And Dean's like. "Don't. Just...don't, okay? I'll take care of you. Take care of us."
[ profile] nymeria: and sam's shivering and all "I can't, dean, i can't let you do that to yourself -"
"not for my sake"
[ profile] poisontaster: "You can. You will. Because I can't stand it. I can't stand it if you let them..."
" Not at that price. I'll starve first."
[ profile] nymeria: "It's just my body, sam."
and then dean puts sam to bed and curls up with him and angsts until the early hours of the morning \o/
[ profile] poisontaster: YES.
Oh, I may need to write that tonight.
[ profile] nymeria: holy fuck, erin, WE MUST WRITE THIS
[ profile] poisontaster: WE SERIOUSLY MUST.

ETA: Arc stuff:
cut because I'm not completely cruel )



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