This is a very old partial. It's supposed to be part of Blood in the Water; I'm just reposting it here...well, because. Sam/Connor.

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Yeah. I don't know what the fuck this is about, except Kink firing off random neurons. Heartverse.

"I just…I had two choices, you know?" Sam looks down and traces the toe of his sneaker with one finger. Someone—presumably Dean—has written the words: SAM WINCHESTER HAS COOTIES in marker across the white rubber like they're still ten. Sam snorts and rubs his eyes, smiling fondly. Then he looks up at Emma again. "I could sit and whine and cry and be bitter about the fact that my life didn't turn out like I wanted, or I could take the life I was given and make something out of it."

It doesn't hurt that this life turned out to contain Dean, in every way his stupid teenage heart had ever dared to imagine, he supposes, but even for all of that, for the joy of Dean, sometimes the sear where Jess burned out of his heart—and his future with her—still aches.

"I don't want to be a freak," Emma whispers, grimly looking down at the knife she's twirling point first in the mud.

Sam's smile widens. "Nobody wants to be a freak, Emma. Sometimes it just turns out that way."
A conversation with Nym about the tonsilectomy fic and Sam's baby.

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And then some random verbiage that came out of it:

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