Mary Whatserface Winstead, the girl who played Lucy was born in 1984. This makes her 23(ish) at the time of the movie and 24(ish) now. If she's still in school, that means she's going for some kind of post-grad.

The first movie took place in 1988. That would make Lucy around 3 or 4 at the time, which fits with the appearance of the actress that played her in the original. And, IIRC, Lucy is the older child. I need to check the parts at Holly's LA house. So. Since John is a good Irish boy, let's presume that he wouldn't let Lucy be born out of wedlock. That means Holly and John were married at least 5(ish) years before DH1.

By DH3, they're "separated" again. That's 1998, seven years later. So they were married, in toto, somewhere around 12-13 years. Ish. And if they divorced in '98 (because I really don't see Holly waiting a long time at that point). That means they've been divorced about 12 years at the point of Save As.

Need to confirm one way or the other if John (Bruce) is actually left handed. I think he is. WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE IMPORTANT SHIT LIKE THIS ON IMDB? DON'T THEY KNOW I'M TRYING TO WRITE??

The thing about John, the thing that makes him really good at being 'the action hero' is that he is UNABLE to quit. He has a pathological inability to just walk away, even when he can or it might be in his best interests to do so. This is the one thing he also has going for him in relationships. He freaks out, he argues, he jumps to conclusions, but he doesn't QUIT.
Another piece of Save As, the Die Hard Epic O' Doom. *sighs* It's my own fault for putting DH2 in the TiVo, I know it. This happens just after John, Holly and kids find out about the hostage situation.

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So NaNo begins in a few days and I'm really kind of sweating it this year. The last two years, I've been so prolific and so solid with my writing...sometimes I had to bust my ass a little harder, but I always came with a pretty steady word count. This year, me and Kink have been like that high school couple that love each other SO MUCH, but they spend all their time breaking and making up, sometimes more than once in a day.

...and maybe I anthropomorphize my muse just a little too much. *koffs* But that's not the point. The point is, I'm going to take [ profile] shotofjack's sage advice and take a run at the story that I feel would be the most fun to write right now. I'm going to try and finish And We Are Ashes, otherwise known as Dark Mary. Which sounds like a great idea, right? Right. The problem--which is the same problem as before--is that I don't know what to do about the denouement.

Let me explain. No. Is too long. Let me sum up. (Contains spoilers for the story) )
Okay, Cassi...the damn outline is DONE. Gods only know when I'll get the actual STORY done, but we have achieved outline!

In Norse mythology, a vard√łger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance.

But PT, you ask, what has that got to do with RPS? )
I don't know how this happens. But... *sighs*

Watch Mona and PT be insane together! )
Post apocalyptic AU with Jared/Jensen, ZOMG.

Okay. So way back at [ profile] winchestercon, [ profile] brynwulf and I were discussing our love of post-apocalyptic fic. And then [ profile] ethrosdemon posed the question of "If the WB was running a brothel, who would be the madam." And I really, sincerely believe that was the genesis of this whole idea. *coughs*

So after that, [ profile] brynwulf and I were discussing the possibility of cowriting a post-apocalyptic brothel fic with Sam & Dean here. And we sort of made random comments about it now and again, but never actually TALKED IT OUT.

Then. Yesterday? Yesterday, [ profile] brynwulf hit me up on IM and we were chatting. And had the following conversation:

Conversation 1 )

And so then I went out with the Roommate and Bryn went to her football game and then she emailed me with this:

Email from Bryn to PT )

And we know Kink needs so very little provocation to go off. And so then I wrote this:

Email from PT to Bryn )

And then [ profile] brynwulf wrote back with this:

Email 2 from Bryn to PT )

AND OMG WE NEED TO WRITE THIS. *cries* I need to learn to keep my mouth SHUT about the bunnies being quiet, because (like all parents know) it's just a sign that they're PLOTTING SOMETHING.
Oh, man. I had this idea as I was falling asleep last night and I was too lazy to get up and I told myself "DON'T FORGET, ERIN."

But then of course, I forgot.

And then around 2p, I had an inkling that I had an idea.

And then I was telling [ profile] nymeria that I wanted to write Petrellicest, but I had no ideas.

And then I remembered: I DO HAVE AN IDEA!

cut for the 'cest )
After talking to [ profile] nymeria, and in an effort to SHAME my ficwife into finally FUCKING FINISHING THIS DAMN THING, I'm going to post this here. Y'all know she stalks my LJs, so if you want us to get off our asses and finish this, SAY SO. *coughs* Because, OMG, it's so good. Or it would be if we'd FINISH IT. This is SO rough and ridiculously, drafty, though. Be warned. Like, sloppy POV shifts and IM convos and random notes...ROUGH.


Sex Pollen, y'all. Just saying.

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13,709 / 50,000

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11,227 / 50,000

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Okay, so I caved. I think I need Mary's POV. Sing it, Shooter! Man. *pulling teeth*

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,579 / 50,000

Oh, Dean, what did you get yourself into? )
I'm not sure how I feel about the ending of this scene. I feel like I was rushing it a bit (Well, I was).

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Although the Tams are no longer active fugitives from the Alliance, work is still pretty scarce bc Serenity has a bad name in the business, given what happened to Haven, the Sanchezes, etc. They're being blackballed right out of the sky. Zoe wants to go to (Caradoc--need to rename per Alliance planets) and tell the Washburnes of Wash's death. They find out she's pregnant. From Great Big Sea, I've already established a shady history for them, and Zoe's family and carrying the next generation of Washburne. They start throwing work Serenity way. Reinforces whole family theme and support in times of adversity.

This story needs a name.



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