if I'm positing that Jack is actually going to school somewhere that's not on the East Coast, then this needs to happen IMMEDIATELY after Save As. Anyway.

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Mary Whatserface Winstead, the girl who played Lucy was born in 1984. This makes her 23(ish) at the time of the movie and 24(ish) now. If she's still in school, that means she's going for some kind of post-grad.

The first movie took place in 1988. That would make Lucy around 3 or 4 at the time, which fits with the appearance of the actress that played her in the original. And, IIRC, Lucy is the older child. I need to check the parts at Holly's LA house. So. Since John is a good Irish boy, let's presume that he wouldn't let Lucy be born out of wedlock. That means Holly and John were married at least 5(ish) years before DH1.

By DH3, they're "separated" again. That's 1998, seven years later. So they were married, in toto, somewhere around 12-13 years. Ish. And if they divorced in '98 (because I really don't see Holly waiting a long time at that point). That means they've been divorced about 12 years at the point of Save As.

Need to confirm one way or the other if John (Bruce) is actually left handed. I think he is. WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE IMPORTANT SHIT LIKE THIS ON IMDB? DON'T THEY KNOW I'M TRYING TO WRITE??

The thing about John, the thing that makes him really good at being 'the action hero' is that he is UNABLE to quit. He has a pathological inability to just walk away, even when he can or it might be in his best interests to do so. This is the one thing he also has going for him in relationships. He freaks out, he argues, he jumps to conclusions, but he doesn't QUIT.
Okay, so I'm really struggling with where to go with Save As and how to frame everything that I want to say. And whose POV it should be said in. Right now, I'm still guestimating this will end up being 20,000 words, at minimum.

Long, rambly, spoilery and possibly confusing notes about Save As. )
Another piece of Save As, the Die Hard Epic O' Doom. *sighs* It's my own fault for putting DH2 in the TiVo, I know it. This happens just after John, Holly and kids find out about the hostage situation.

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So while I was in Chicago, I begged La Muse for some prose and, in typical fashion, he delivered...in a manner of speaking, namely, with 1200 words of something that I had/have no intention of working on right now, rather than the million and one things I need to be working on RIGHT NOW. Oh, Kink. If I didn't love and need you so much, I would SO have you racked and quartered. *sighs*

Anyway. This is a piece of the Die Hard 4 epic that I'm DEFINITELY NOT working on right now, the one that picks up after "All I Want For Christmas". Reference mark here. This is Lucy and John's initial heart to heart.

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Is it possible to strangle one's own muse? I might be willing to give it a try.

So. Another in the long list of Things Wot I Cannot Write Right Now:

Die Hard. Sequel to all the other fics. Ever since I finished All I Want For Christmas, I've been thinking about several different things. First of all, I've been noticing how much Holly is a thread through all of this; how much she still influences John, how much he's still tied to her, even though the marriage is over. And that leads me thinking to Holly and Lucy (and to a lesser extent Jack, since we don't really know ANYTHING about Jack...though APPARENTLY, Matt's character was originally supposed to be Jack, which...hm. Interesting and pervy.) and specifically, John's family finding out that Dad is suddenly fucking around with this hacker DUDE that he saved a year and a half ago. One that Lucy dated, however briefly. And so I was thinking about how that would go and how it would be, potentially, a really big problem.

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