A girl!Dean story where, not long before Sam leaves for Stanford, she fucks him to get pregnant. Sam leaves, not knowing, and she has to deal with John's disgust that she would be so stupid-sloppy as to get pregnant (he doesn't know it's Sam's) and how that led to her hunting more solo (was she alone when the baby was born?), struggling and raising the baby by herself.

How does she run into Sam again?
Random ideas that I got by reading fic and may never write:

1. (inspired by [livejournal.com profile] embroiderama) Jared is all fucked up after breaking up with Sandy and Jeff ends up being his father confessor booty call one night and so they end up having this one night thing (or possibly a friends with benefits situation). In the meantime, Jeff has been pining/lusting after Jensen all this time and has done nothing about it. And Jensen finds out about Jeff shagging Jared and he's all put out because HE'S been lusting/pining after Jeff all this time except now he figures Jeff is "taken" because Jared got there first and there's boys being stupid and pissy and jealous and trying desperately to pretend they're none of those things until Jared's like "DUDES. You're stupid for each other! GET OVER IT AND FUCK ALREADY." And then there's happy buttsexing. Possibly with a side of Jared/Chad, wtf?

2. (inspired by [livejournal.com profile] tabbyshh) This one could become original fic REALLY easy. Jeff is a wealthy successful businessman and Jensen is his kept boy-toy. They've been together since Jensen was fairly young and Jeff is Jensen's first (or practically). Jensen didn't mean to be a boytoy, but somehow his life plans kept getting postponed or pushed aside (mostly by him, himself) in the interests of staying with Jeff and not making things difficult and being available whenever Jeff might want him around. But now it's been 12 years and Jensen's self esteem is crrap and his whole self-identity is hinged on his relationship with Jeff and he realizes he really needs to get himself together and have his own life. But he doesn't want to leave Jeff and so he struggles to both find himself and keep his relationship together.

3. (inspired by no one in particular) If the Jared/Chad doesn't end up going in that first fic, I could end up writing that all by itself. Again, WTF? No actual plot to speak of, just one scene in my head about Jared trying to come out to Chad while playing old school Mario Kart and Chad not being a total asshole about it.
if I'm positing that Jack is actually going to school somewhere that's not on the East Coast, then this needs to happen IMMEDIATELY after Save As. Anyway.

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DA Bunny

May. 13th, 2008 11:24 am
Damn Deana to hell...

Ben. Hookerfic.

Random musings. )
Well. Now, after doing the Winsister poll, Kink has been typically "helpful" (in his inimitable style) and said "Hey. I bet you we could make it ALL work."

And here's how. (Need I say this is spoilery...if I write this story?) )
Is it possible to strangle one's own muse? I might be willing to give it a try.

So. Another in the long list of Things Wot I Cannot Write Right Now:

Die Hard. Sequel to all the other fics. Ever since I finished All I Want For Christmas, I've been thinking about several different things. First of all, I've been noticing how much Holly is a thread through all of this; how much she still influences John, how much he's still tied to her, even though the marriage is over. And that leads me thinking to Holly and Lucy (and to a lesser extent Jack, since we don't really know ANYTHING about Jack...though APPARENTLY, Matt's character was originally supposed to be Jack, which...hm. Interesting and pervy.) and specifically, John's family finding out that Dad is suddenly fucking around with this hacker DUDE that he saved a year and a half ago. One that Lucy dated, however briefly. And so I was thinking about how that would go and how it would be, potentially, a really big problem.

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Dammit! This is what I get for reading old posts/old post comments. So I was reading a comment made by [livejournal.com profile] shadow_walker3 where she said that Sam and Dean should have sex in front of Lena. And that's obviously never going to happen.


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Okay, Cassi...the damn outline is DONE. Gods only know when I'll get the actual STORY done, but we have achieved outline!

In Norse mythology, a vardøger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance.

But PT, you ask, what has that got to do with RPS? )
"The Jeff Arc" of sundownverse has a title! \o/ "Riding the Tiger"

spoilery )
Okay. See.... Now what I want is some kind of RPF AU where Jensen and Jared are still actors, but they're owned by the CW (corporate slavery) and Jeff ends up buying them as a set and he takes them overseas and he thinks that Jensen and Jared are too skinny and too tired, so he starts cooking for them and making them eat and take naps together all the time and they're kind of freaking out because their longevity on television depended on being fit and trim and conforming to a certain body type and they're afraid Jeff will fatten them up and then get tired of them because they're "out of shape" and they keep trying to exercise on the sly and Jeff's like *sternface* "Stop that! I made peach crisp and there's fresh vanilla ice cream in the kitchen."

*SIGHS* Why will no one write this for me?
So, after the comments I got from [livejournal.com profile] mickeym and [livejournal.com profile] technosage, I realized that I really haven't been thinking about the ending of Girl in the World and I really had no idea what I was working toward. So then, being me, the boys in the back started thinking about it.

And this is what I came up with )

So then, after kind of thinking up all of that, this is what resulted:

Do I need to mention this is spoilery? )
This is the shit that pops into my head WHEN I AM TRYING TO SLEEP, for heaven's sake. I had to boot the computer back up for this! SO RIDICULOUSLY ROUGH DRAFT/STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

more genderswap stuff )
In my ongoing flirtation with crack-fic (and really, Kink, WTF??), I've been thinking about genderswap. Genderswap can be fun, but I think a lot of time the...horror of losing your genitalia gets glossed over in the interest of Fun With Lingerie. That's not to knock anyone else's story; I just would like to see a slightly different exploration. I'd really be interested in an exploration of Dean LITERALLY as a transgendered person; a man trapped in a woman's body. I want to see Sam suggesting Dean go out and buy a bra and Dean is completely outraged ("There's no way I'm buying a fucking bra, dude, these are NOT my breasts.") as he winds his Ace bandage around his chest. I want to see him keep stretching and trying to crack his back and when Sam asks him what the hell is wrong, Dean growls that his back is hurting and he doesn't get why and it's up to Sam to explain that the breasts are pulling him off-balance.

I want Dean to sneak out and go to a sex shop and comparison shop all the fake cocks and buy himself a harness because he misses the heft of one between his legs and he's embarassed about it and he doesn't want to tell Sam about it and he's completely pissed and embarassed when Sam walks in on him. (I keep thinking about Kelly Preston in The L Word) I want Dean to rebel and rage about the betrayal of his body when he has his period. I want him to cry because of the hormones and because he REALLY WANTS HIS FUCKING BODY BACK and hate himself for it. He's paranoid that all the men are staring at him and he's more belligerent and up in their faces because of it, exasperated and pissed and weirdly vulnerable/scared.

And Sam's completely at a loss. He doesn't know how to console Dean on this. There's a tiny part of him that's relieved it's not him. He doesn't know if this is going to go away or whether Dean's just stuck like this. He has no idea what this has to even BE LIKE for Dean. And though he's determined he's going to fix this for Dean, he's also feeling uncertain that it IS fixable.


I really don't need more to write. You could stop any time now, brain. Traitor.
So originally this was going to be about the Sons of Eden coming to assassinate/execute Sam, as one of the few Breeders having a female child. And in my mind, it was going to be about the Winchesters defending the cabin—and Sam—and the Sons of Eden being taken almost wholly by surprise because they didn't expect that kind of resistance from 'civilians'.

And…mostly, that's what it's still about.

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*SIGHS* Okay. So [livejournal.com profile] mikhale was pitching a story. And in the middle of trying to convince him to write it himself, my brain did that thing where it starts to play the "What if?" game and trying to make the plot bunny WORK. And it's not the story that [livejournal.com profile] mikhale would write and I SO DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, but ZOMG.

So again with the crackfic; the premise is "Jensen wakes up straight".

But what does that mean, really? Especially if you're already in love with someone? Jensen is in this relationship with Jared, they love each other and then Jensen wakes up and he's still in love, but he's not attracted to this person anymore AT ALL. How do you reconcile that? And how much does it fuck up what they had?
I don't know how this happens. But... *sighs*

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